Denton Dietz

Digital and User Interface Designer with experience creating engaging and user-centric experiences for large eCommerce web applications. I am a Digital Experience Designer at Best Buy Canada where I deliver customer-centred branding and advertisements for major brands such as Apple, Microsoft, and Google.


Visual and Experience Design | Canon Brand Store

Planned, designed, and implemented a fully responsive multi-page brand experience for Canon.

Canon homepage G Series top view G Series lower view

Primary Tools and Skills

Photoshop, Problem Solving, Branding, User-Centred Design

The Challenges

Working with Canon, one of the greatest challenges my team and I solved was transferring a preexisting brand experience that only worked on Desktop size browsers into a responsive, dynamic, and consistent new experience without sacrificing the brand identity of Canon. A challenge that I also faced was using outdated assets intended for desktop viewing on a mobile size website.

The Solutions

A lot of user experience processes were involved in ensuring that the Canon brand store was designed to be both usable and consistent with what our customers expected from our mobile site. This heavily involved using the power of people and ideas to refine how we could best represent Canon and teach customers about Canon products.

My solution to working with desktop size assets that would work from the smallest phone size to the largets screen involved intensive asset manipulation in Photoshop, paired with critical thinking and collaboration. I ensured that the creative provided by Canon was suitable and easy to consume on the web, regardless of device.

Canon desktop view

Web Design | Penscript on 6th

Designed and developed a business portfolio website for Vancouver based business. Led team of designers and developers, and conducted meetings with key stakeholders.

Home Page Contact Page Project Page

Primary Tools and Skills

Adobe XD, Wireframing, WordPress Custom Development, Teamwork

The Job

As the lead of a team of developers and designers, I consulted regularly with the client to determine business needs, understand target users, iterate through detailed mockups and wireframes. Primarily, my role in the team was to design and build upon the web experience, working closely with the business owner to design a business brochure and portfolio style website. Additionally, I assisted in the development of the PHP template using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

My Process

This project offered me the opportunity to design a website for another designer who intended to showcase their work and promote business. Therefore, I was able to establish a mutual understanding of the web design process with the client through every interaction. In order to boost business and new customer interaction, I paid special attention to the Contact experience on the website.

One of the challenges that I faced from a user experience perspective was that due to a large variation in services offered by the client, a generic contact form would only open up the first step in communication instead of answer any questions they may have. To solve this, I employed a dynamic and conditional form that would adapt to what the customer needed it to. For example, a selection of "General" would prompt a different field below compared to "Stationery". As a result, more concise and clear information was communicated to the user, saving both time and frustration.

Contact form dynamic response

The live website can be viewed here.

UI Design | SCBO & Co.

Developed a custom design system for online retail brand. Oversaw creative direction including branding, production, pattern libraries, and style guides.

Primary Tools and Skills

Design System, Pattern Libraries, eCommerce, Style Guide, Branding, Adobe XD

Appplication | ReactJS

Developed a responsive and dynamic news application. Key features include search functionality and dynamic results via a live news API.

React Mobile Application

Primary Tools and Skills

JavaScript Programming, Responsive Design, API and JSON, Interface Design

Development Process

As an interface designer, my intention is to always design for the platform that the product is being developed on. As a challenge to myself in order to better understand an up and coming library, ReactJS, I developed from the ground up a dynamic web app that pulls the latest news based on your searches. This development process involved implementing an external API to pull data, working with JavaScript cookies to rememember the last search a user made, and follwing a component-based design approach to take advantage of ReactJS.

As a result of this project, I have a much better awareness and understanding in regards React, which is being used in many modern web and native applications in 2019. Being able to understand the nature of React components, and how they are developed, gives me an advantage every time I design for a similar application. The live application can be viewed here .

User Experience | BC Hydro Redesign

Partcipated in the creation of an enhanced user experience using techniques such as usability testing, creating user personas, exploring customer journeys, and identifying business goals.

Primary Tools and Skills

Usability Testing, User Personas, Customer Journey Maps, Data Analysis

My Process

To excercise my learnings in User Experience Design, I audited BC Hydro's current website and conducted usability testing to determine how I could improve the customer experience of the website. My intention in this was to improve how potential, new, and existing customers complete everyday tasks on the website, such as paying bills.

I began with a detailed analysis of who BC Hydro's customers are, as well as what their interaction with BC Hydro looks like. This involved creating user personas and behaviours for the most common visitors to the website as well as explored the customer journey, using real data collected from interviews to inform my analysis.

Afterwards, I conducted usability tests with 5 individuals using the current site, and involved a number of processes such as heatmaps, questionnaires, click tests, and afterwards, discussion. Based on my results, I noted that most people had issues with starting their journey as a new customer. As a result, I iterated on the current design and improved the new customer exprience, particularly by increasing the visibility and amount of touchpoints on the home page to better suit a new customer.

My full report and improvements can be viewed here.